OfficeSuite is a full suite of office apps with Documents, Sheets, Slides, Mail and PDF.

With OfficeSuite you’ll have everything you need to start working smart. 100% Microsoft Office Compatible. OfficeSuite has full compatibility with all popular formats including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Txt), Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides & Adobe PDF. OfficeSuite Support common formats like OpenDocument (ODT, ODS, ODP), RTF, CSV & ZIP. OfficeSuite It’s Available on any device and it works and syncs your documents on any platform – Windows, Android, or iOS. Whether in the office or on the go. With OfficeSuite you can enjoy the freedom to work between devices. You can Download it for free or you can buy a Premium Version.

Purchasing a Premium license gives you access to everything OfficeSuite has to offer, take a look:

OfficeSuite General

  • Ad-free experience.
  • 50GB cloud storage on MobiDrive.

OfficeSuite PDF

  • Convert PDFs to fully editable Word, Excel or ePub files.
  • Insert, edit and delete text and images in PDFs.
  • Insert, delete, reorder & rotate pages in PDF files.
  • Protect PDFs from copying, printing or editing.
  • Use digital signatures to sign PDFs.
  • Print documents without a watermark.
  • Edit the author, title, subject or keywords of PDF documents.
  • Find & insert pictures from online sources.
  • Insert & Edit Bookmarks for easier management.
  • Insert, edit and delete attached files.

OfficeSuite Documents

  • Use track changes to improve collaboration.
  • Export documents to PDF without a watermark.
  • Convert a PDF to a fully editable Word document.
  • Use the format painter to apply styles.
  • Print documents without a watermark
  • Password protect important documents
  • Add comments to documents.
    Select & apply different themes.
  • Add custom watermarks to documents.
  • Create multiple columns in documents.
  • Find & insert pictures from online sources.
  • Change the author of a document.
  • Apply styles to enhance a table design.

OfficeSuite Slides

  • Presenter view for easier delivery of presentations.
  • Insert video & audio elements into presentations.
  • Add slide animations & transition effects into presentations.
  • Select & apply different themes.
  • Password protect your presentations.
  • Print presentations without a watermark.
  • Find & insert pictures from online sources.
  • Export presentations to PDF without a watermark.
  • Use Format Painter in presentations.
  • Change the author of a presentation.
  • Emphasize key points in your slides with the drawing tools.
  • Set up timings to find the perfect flow of your presentation.

OfficeSuite Sheets

  • Apply conditional formatting to data.
  • Use Data validation controls.
  • Group & Ungroup rows, columns and cells.
  • Add Subtotals to data ranges.
  • Use Format Painter in spreadsheets.
  • Export spreadsheets to PDF without a watermark.
  • Convert PDFs to fully editable spreadsheets.
  • Use Filters to manage, view & organize data.
  • Password protect spreadsheets.
  • Print spreadsheets without a watermark.
  • Define names to data ranges for quick reference.
  • Find & insert pictures from online sources.
  • Convert selected ranges into tables.
  • Change the author of a document.

OfficeSuite Mail

  • Create custom signatures for email accounts.
  • Work with multiple email accounts.
  • Drag & Drop to add an email as an attachment.
  • Receive & open EML attachments in your messages.
  • Rearrange Inboxes for increased productivity.
  • Add an unlimited number of calendars.
  • Add and use shared calendars.
By João Tiago Ogando